Bows and Shades

{Outfit: skirt, Styles for Less; cardigan, F21; back tee, Marshalls; shoes, Payless; necklace, gift; ribbon belt, Express; watch, Fossil; sunglasses, DVF (prescription--no fun)}

Thursday? What?! I know I say it all the time, but honestly, where does the time go? Today I went to dinner with my bestie Chloe and her cute little girl. After we went shopping...well she went shopping. I looked. I had to restrain myself. Well, I will admit I bought a purse. I am not a big purse person though. I see them as a necessity, not as an accessory. I've been using the same one since July. I don't change purses out with outfits. I don't even really care if my purse matches what I am wearing anyway. I know that might be fashion blasphemy, but I would rather spend money and put effort into other accessories like jewelry, scarves, hats, shoes and so and so because those stay on, and stand out to me more than a purse...I don't know...that's just me.

Yes, I wore this same cardigan last Thursday. I just love it. Maybe I should wear the other clothes in my 30 before I start re-wearing some things. Oh well.

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  1. Love it! I am proud of you not buying any outfits!!! The purse is totally cute! xoxo

  2. *for not buying any outfits! :0)

  3. i actually bought a purse last week! i rarely find one i LOVE, and like you said - its a necessity. so when i see one that has enough compartments and is big enough for me, i gotta have it!

    love the sash belt!

  4. This outfit is H-O-T! I am totally going to copy you!


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