A Broken Record

{Outfit: jeggings, F21; grandpa cardigan; F21; button up, Old Navy; boots, Cutesygirl.com; necklace, F21; boot socks, F21; belt, Gap}

One of the things about being a teacher is I learn a lot about patience. Like I need to be patient when I have to say the same thing over and over. Take today for example. My students were taking a quiz so I told them, "When you are finished with your quiz, leave it on your desk and walk your warm ups up to the front table and put them in this basket." I hold up basket. Students take quiz. Students begin to finish. Students begin to bring quiz up to the basket. So I repeat out loud to the class, "Again, leave your quiz on your desk but bring up your warm ups." More students finish the quiz and come and ask me where they are supposed to put it. I repeat, "Keep your quiz on your desk and bring up your warm ups." I can't even count how many times I had to say that today. But despite the number of times I had to remind my students, I didn't get angry or impatient with them. I think it is kinda funny actually and the really acute students pick up on the fact that I sound like a broken record. They ask, "How can he be a teacher? I would go crazy saying the same thing over and over again." I just smile and tell them that I am just very patient and that I don't mind...it comes with the job. My dad always told me patience is a virtue.

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