Danger Zone

{Outfit: jeggings, F21; plaid button-up, F21; stripped sweater, F21; shoes, Payless; necklace, American Eagle}

My danger zone is Target. I never seem to leave that place without buying a piece of clothing or an accessory. After work today, I needed to swing by the fabric store for some yarn, and since Target was next door, and I needed some hairspray, I decided to get it at Target. I usually would buy it at a drug store, but I wanted to save on extra stops. When I entered Target, I headed straight to the accessories. I want some more belts. I wasn't impressed with the selection though. First bullet dodged. I crossed the aisle to the clothes. I saw some cute button-ups and cardigans, but I decided if I was going to buy anything it would be shoes. I exited clothing section empty handed. Second bullet dodged. Shoes. I love shoes. I tried on a few pairs. Some sexy, nude patent leather pumps that my sister has. Then I tried on some cute strappy, zipper front, wedge sandals. Both super cute. Then I thought about this challenge I am involved in and how I really want to be true to it and not buy anything for 30 days. So I put both pairs of shoes back. Hey, I figure I can wait 6 more days right? So I bought my hairspray, a bottle of nail polish, a pack of gum and took the highway away from my danger zone. What is your danger zone?

{Check out my Sister Amber #23}

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  1. Do you really wear those shoes all day?

  2. Stripes & plaid = awesome. You manage to make everything look good, I swear!

  3. Target is definitely my danger zone as well! Very rare that I leave empty-handed!

  4. Bold pattern choices, but looks good. Your hair looks really pretty up like that. Target is my beyond Danger Zone. I'll have to tell you about yesterday there :/


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