Does Chocolate Stain?

{Outfit: grandpa cardigan, F21; tee, Old Navy; skirt, I made it; boots, Cutesygirl; tights, F21; belt, Target; necklace, LA Fashion District}

Today I got a new and new Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail. It's like cruel and unusual punishment because part of the 30 for 30 Challenge is that you don't go shopping for thirty day. So seeing all the pretty things in the catalog, it is hard not to shop. But honestly, this is just what I need. I have plenty of clothes to last me through the winter. Actually, I am going to try to not buy anything new until April when I go to New York. Even as I write that I hear the little evil angel on my shoulder saying, "Yeah, good luck honey." But I whole heartily want to try.

Confession: after I took these pictures, I ate a Drumstick and dropped chocolate on my white skirt! It is now soaking in Shout. I sure hope it doesn't stain seeing as I only have a few skirts to wear all month long.

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  1. You are so beautiful, lady! You have a gorgeous smile.

    And last night, after I came home from the gym, I was eating chocolate in my white workout tee when I managed to spill it all over myself. Guess that's karma for eating chocolate post workout? :p

  2. allright ... I am so loving your pics :)
    they are somehow different :) in a good way :) new surroundings I guess

  3. Chocolate can stain. BUT on whites I always use Tilex. Spray it on and kind of scrub it a little bit just on the spot and it should come out. If not, try it again.

  4. You are stunning! Wow girl! You remind me of Katherine Heigl.

  5. oh my! i love this! so glad i found you! love it! love the blog! i'm excited to catch up on all of your posts! :]

  6. Following you back from Follow me back Tuesdays! Please follow me back!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  7. i read that hydrogen peroxide can get anything out! i too dropped something on my white shirt today!

  8. this outfit is so cute!
    your so pretty! love the necklace

    follow if you'd like :)


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