Eggs and Ohs


{Outfit: skirt, I made it; cardigan, F21; black long sleeve tee, Marshalls; boots, Cutesygirl; boot socks, Target; belt, Gap; necklace, F21}

How do you like your eggs? I like mine scrambled with bacon bits, but my most favorite eggs are Cadbury Eggs. My favorite are the Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I look forward to them every Spring. I went to our local drug store today to mail some packages and I was so excited to see all the Easter candy, and since I was starving (I skipped lunch) I bought myself a bag of mini-eggs. I then went next door to the grocery store and bought a box Ohs, one of my favorite cereals. Then I came home and ate an extra large bowl. Can you say binge eating? I really shouldn't skip lunch.

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