The Fashion, the Glamour, the Beauty

{Outfit: skirt, I made it; button-up, Old Navy; shoes, Payless; scarf, gifted; tights, ? (I've had them forever); belt, Target; watch, Fossil}

The Oscars are tonight. I love watching the red carpet arrivals. When I was a teenager, we didn't have cable, but my dad was able to somehow "illegally" hook it up sometimes and he was always so kind as to hook it up on Oascar Sunday for me. I love the fashion, the glamour, the beauty. This afternoon I will be watching E! as all the beautiful people arrive and picking my favorite hair styles and dresses.

{Check out my Sister Amber's #27}

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  1. cool scarf twisting! Like the Oscar black :)

  2. everything looks so nice ...

  3. love the monochrome look!! and the scarf looks swell :):)

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