I Heart Jennifer

{Outfit: jeans, Gap; sweater, Old Navy; belt, Target; tee, Old Navy; cowl, I made it; boots, Cutesygirl; watch, Fossil}

When I picked out this outfit I had Jennifer Aniston on my mind. I've mentioned before how she is my style icon. I love her. I love her style, her hair (I always take pictures of her into the salon and ask my stylist to do my color like hers), her movies, her sense of humor, her...body. She can the simplest outfit like a pair of jeans, a belt, a t-shirt and scarf and somehow make it look ultra sexy. This outfit is my ode to Jennifer. I am not nearly as sexy as she is, but I do I have on my bootcut jeans, the style she seems to wear a lot. My belt. She almost always wear a belt with her jeans, even with shorts. I've got on my basic t-shirt. She rocks white tees a lot. I've got my scarf (well a cowl I crocheted). I put on a sweater to keep warm in the wind we are having, and I've got on my boots.

Here are some outfits she's worn that I want to mimic.

I think I will try something like this look over the weekend.

Love this. Great jeans. Great jacket.

Love all these. See, she knows how to rock a pair of jeans.

ps. I was to get my hair colored like this

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