It's Raining. It's Pouring. It Might Start Snowing.

{Outfit: skinny jeans, Angle; button-up, Old Navy; grandpa cardigan, F21; boots, Cutesygirl; belt, Target; earrings, LA Fashion District}

The big storm is coming in. Well, I guess it has arrived. They say that it might snow here again. Kinda crazy. I was never to keen on snow, but it is kinda magical when it does snow here because it is so so rare. I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, getting bundled up and drinking some hot chocolate.

{Check out my Sister Amber's #24}

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  1. I just posted a comment on 26 and Counting how great minds seem to work alike :-) I saw both posts on bloglovin' right after one another, and you both look so cute, I could't resist posting!

  2. that sounds like a perfect weekend, if so, I wouldn't even mind if it snowed ... lovin' your style

  3. sounds like a perfect weekend to read a book...or in your case, finish one, right?


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