Just One for Fourteen

{Outfit: button-up, F21; skinny jeans, Angle; boots, cutesygirl; boot socks, Target}

Issues: computer froze. turned it off. tired to restart it. got weird question mark icon. had to reboot my computer. all pictures and documents lost. picasa acting weird. all this equals one unedited picture of my outfit.

One to happier things. Today is Valentines Day. Nathan delivered a basket of my favorite goodies from Lady Di's to me at work today. It was filled with my favorite Reeces Godiva Chocolate brownies with chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies. The note simply said,

To my best friend.

Inhe sweet? He works today, so we are going out tomorrow night.

{Check out my Sister Amber's #14}

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  1. aaaw, I'm so sorry for the computer, but this Nathans gesture cured it all .. didn't it? :)


  2. You look all warm and cozy in this "lumberjack chic" look!! Have a great time celebrating Valentine's tonight!

  3. i like the simplicity of this outfit, yet still so cute. the clip, the shirt, the jeans, the boots, love it!

  4. love this outfit, very cute! Have fun tonight!!! xo


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