Long Short Week

{Outfit: jeans, Gap; coat, Anne Klien; sweater, F21; tee, Old Navy; shoes, Styles for Less; leopard belt, from a craft fair; necklace, American Eagle}

Sometimes the shortest weeks feel like the longest. I think my brain gets confused. It thinks it's Tuesday, but then it's really Wednesday and so then it feels all outa whack. But hey, I'm not complaining because in the end the weekend will be here before I know it. I don't have anything going on, I just look forward to sleeping in. When the weekend comes, what do you look forward to?

(Check out my Sister Amber's #22}

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  1. love this jacket on you, very chic!
    I miss sleeping in!! lol! I am looking forward to finding a fireplace screen. Caitlyn is now trying to climb into the fireplace!!
    Where should I look? Target?

    Also, I ordered a center island for our kitchen, portable on wheels from Crate and Barrel, excited that hopefully it will give me more counter space and cupboard space. But might have to be putting it together when it arrives sunday!!! errrr! :0)

  2. must be cold there for a sweater and a coat!!

  3. cute as always :)
    I look forward to sleep little longer than on work days, ... but since I've gotta work this Saturday, ... I look forward to spending so much time with my bf and i hope it will be sunny :)



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