Lucky in Love

{Outfit: jeggings, F21; cardigan, F21; tee, Marshalls; combat boots, Styles for Less; necklace, a belt I reworked into a necklace; earrings, A Fashion District}

...with my job that is. How great it is to have a job I love going to. I've had jobs in the past where I would dread going into work only to face the hum-drum of monotony. I don't have that with my job, not one ounce of it. Everyday is different and unpredictable and I love that. I am truly lucky to have a job doing something I love.

My Monday outfits really are never that interesting. I originally didn't plan on wearing this today; it's kinda a whatever outfit. Hopefully tomorrow's is more interesting.

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  1. Loved that you toughened up the overall outfit with the combat boots!

  2. Having a job you love is so important. It makes the day go by faster :)

  3. It's awful having a job you hate, so I'm glad you're happy where you're at! This outfit is so awesome, I love it!


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