My Happy Skirt

{Outfit: skirt, I made it; cardigan, F21; black tee, Marshalls; shoes, Payless; tights, ?; belt, Target; necklace, Styled for Less; crochet headband, I made it}

I have a date to the gym tonight. No really. I am meeting someone to work out with at 6:30. I've been such a lazy bum lately so having an obligation to meet someone there will actually get me in the gym. I am excited. I hope I can keep it up. After the gym I am watching "The Bachelor." I am team Emily!

{Check out my Sister Amber's #28}

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  1. Way to go to the gym! How's that couch to 10 k working out for ya? I'm on week four now!

  2. this is such a great outfit! love the yellow. i just got back from the gym. it's hard to get there, but once you do it it's so satisfying!
    you're feature is up!


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