Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Street is Famous


So the Bruno Mars video was filmed on my street a few days ago, but I was out all day with my sister and by the time we got back home the crew was cleaning up set. The video is for "The Lazy Song" so I am excited to see it. It was filmed on a rainy day, so if you listen to the song the rain kinda fits the lyrics. And then today another thing is being filmed on my street. When I left for church today, I saw some guy in a robe, which was opened exposing his tighty-whities, with a newspaper and a cup of coffee walking down the street followed my a film crew. I didn't recognize the actor.

Tonight I am looking forward to Nathan's "Naked Hotdogs" let me explain! Nathan makes some yummy hotdogs that are so good you could eat them plain...without any condiments...thus naked...get it? Did I dig myself out of that hole?