Today is my Friday

Photobucket{Outfit: jeggings, F21; top, Styles for Less; knit sweater, Old Navy; shoes, Styles for Less; necklace & earrings, LA Fashion District}

I don't have work tomorrow, and then Monday is a holiday so that equals a 4 day weekend. Whoop-Whoop! My youngest sister is coming to visit this weekend with her roommates. Unfortunately, the weather isn't going to be California's best. It may rain most the time they are here, but who knows, this is California, which means the weather can change on a whim.

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  1. This is one of those times when I am so mad I am not a teacher!

  2. same here! as a teacher i love love 4 day holidays! have a great weekend! :]

  3. Your background is so pretty, it looks fake! I'm enjoying your 30 for 30 outfits! :)

  4. That patterned top is so fun! Makes me think of summer. If only.

    I'm not a teacher, but I get Monday off too! Yay!

    North Meets South

  5. very cute outfit, fun and flirty! Yeah for the 4 day weekend! Have fun with Serena!!

  6. hey, how was Bruno Mars shooting? ...
    have a happy 'long' weekend ... I wish I had it too... I rally need some rest, I just can't get enough of it.

  7. you make the most comfy outfits look so stylish!


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