We're Half Way There

Photobucket{Outfit: skirt, Styles for Less; top, Styles for Less; cardigan, F21; shoes, Payless; tights, Target; belt, Gap; earrings, gifted; watch, Fossil}

We went and saw How do you Know with Jennifer Aniston tonight. Love her. Have I mentioned that before? It was cute. Good laughs.

I am half way through this challenge and I am wondering how I am going to squeeze 15 more outfits out. We will see. I will try my best to be creative and interesting, but I apologize if they get really boring from here on out.

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  1. I know what you mean!! On this post as I scrolled down I was like, oh this is a nice conservative school teacher outfit and then BAM! blue tights!! That sassed it up ; )

  2. oh man, now i have bon jovi stuck in my head, haha!

  3. I'm doing the 30x30 as well, and it IS getting hard to figure out new outfits. But it doesn't look like you are having any issues, this outfit is beautiful! Love the pop of color form your tights.

    North Meets South


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