I'm Moving Shoes #37

{Outfit: skirt, F21 * cardigan, F21 * black top, Marshalls * shoes, Alloy * boot socks, Target * earrings and necklace, LA Fashion District}

On Friday I met with an infertility endocrinologist. He discussed what I am to expect as I begin infertility treatment. The first step is to continue taking metformin, but an increased dosage from what I was taking previously. Taking into consideration my age, health and Nathan's above average sperm count...lol...the doctor is pretty optimistic that I may become pregnant on just metformin alone. If in 3 months I am not pregnant, I will then take hormones. But for now, I am hoping the metformin alone will work. He also wants me to get an a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG x-ray) to make sure my uterus is shaped correctly and that my "tubes" are open. A die is in injected inside and then it spreads through the uterus and up through the tubes to the ovaries. I will get this done after our New York trip.