I got my hur-did today. It is amazing how it makes you feel so fresh and clean and purdy. It is super blonde. I call my style the modern-day Merilyn.

Infertility Update:
So one week after seeing the infertility specialist, I started my period for the first time on my own since September! This means the metformin must be working and I must have ovulated. YAY! Last night while talking to Nathan about all this, and how my body is ovulating again but I am not sure exactly when it will again, his words were, "Well I guess we will just have to go to town this next month." LOL!

So I am scheduled to get the HSG x-ray next Thursday. I am kinda nervous because I've been told that it can be pretty painful. But what freaks me out the most about the procedure is I have to give myself and enema (TMI?) 3 hours before the procedure. Eww! I guess it wont be the first time I sacrifice my body and self-dignity for my future baby.