I got my hur-did today. It is amazing how it makes you feel so fresh and clean and purdy. It is super blonde. I call my style the modern-day Merilyn.

Infertility Update:
So one week after seeing the infertility specialist, I started my period for the first time on my own since September! This means the metformin must be working and I must have ovulated. YAY! Last night while talking to Nathan about all this, and how my body is ovulating again but I am not sure exactly when it will again, his words were, "Well I guess we will just have to go to town this next month." LOL!

So I am scheduled to get the HSG x-ray next Thursday. I am kinda nervous because I've been told that it can be pretty painful. But what freaks me out the most about the procedure is I have to give myself and enema (TMI?) 3 hours before the procedure. Eww! I guess it wont be the first time I sacrifice my body and self-dignity for my future baby.

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  1. ... and probably not the last, given that both seems to sum up motherhood pretty well (ok that was sarcastic) :-D

    Good luck with your endeavour! :-)

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  2. I like the cut, definitly Marilyn Monroe! You will have to wear red lipstick more often.

    Good luck on the baby making this month!

  3. That's weird that they're making you do an enema. Sorry I freaked you out. Just wanted you to be prepared. They told me it would only hurt like a cramp. That, makes me think they've never had it done themselves. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was in tears. So yeah, I probably just freaked you out more but really one reason mine hurt so bad was because of the blocked tub. The dye should have gone in there but since it couldn't, it just created more pressure. Anyway, in short, sorry for freaking you out. And it's weird that you have to have an enema before. The end.

  4. I love your hair, and best of luck with the procedure! I hope all goes well. Your husband is funny, haha :)

  5. Love your hair!!! I will send you good thoughts that day! No pain no gain right! You are strong and will get through it!!! xoxoxo <3

  6. Your hair looks great and love your outfit!

  7. great hair :)

  8. It's fun to see you blonde, great for the season, and so purdee on you :) Good luck with the baby stuff and the big E.

  9. ummm, trust me, you are scoring major mommy points by giving yourseld an enema. you are already proving to be an amazing mother!
    love the new hair.


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