An Update and a Dinner Date

I just wanted to do a quick update. It's been 3 month since since I was diagnosed with PCOS. Since then, I have done a lot of reading and talking to people to try to understand my condition. I am happy to say that my chances of getting pregnant may not be entirely bleak. Of course, every person is different.

A month ago I started on a medication called metformin. It is a medication prescribed to diabetics, but studies have shown it has a positive effect on women with PCOS and actually stimulates ovulation. I've read on some forums that women have gotten pregnant as soon as one month after starting metformin. Unfortunately, the medication's side effects make me quite dizzy at times, but if it will help me conceive I will deal.

We have also recently (within the last few weeks) started to actively "try" to conceive again. It was unsafe for me to get pregnant these last 3 months due to me receiving the rubella vaccine in November. I also will be meeting with an Infertility Endocrinologist (that's the fancy word for infertility doctor) on the 18th of this month, so hopefully things move along pretty quickly after this. I am interested in asking the doctor if I can start on hormone therapy asap. I don't want to see if metfomin alone works and then before long another 6 months has passed.

Recently, someone asked me if I regret waiting "this long" (as if 3 years is a long time) to start trying. This is something I had thought about on my own, and I realized I am do not regret anything. I am so happy for what I have accomplished in the now 4 years Nathan and I have been married both career wise and marriage wise. I've become tenured and Nathan and I have grown in our love and taken wonderful vacations together. The one thing I regret is not knowing I have PCOS. We still would have waited 3 years even if I knew I had this condition, but if I had known, this past year would not have been wasted trying to diagnose my issue, it would have been spent on taking the necessary steps to conceive from the beginning. I highly advocate that doctors should check for PCOS in routine check-ups because it is such a common condition.

I will of course keep all those interested, up-to-date as we continue on in this journey for a baby.

p.s. last night Nathan and I had dinner with my oldest childhood friend Chloe, where our husbands finally met for the first time. We had a sneaking suspicion they would hit it off, and they did. Chloe made this super cute berry-shortcake martini dessert. I just had to take a picture.