Glad I Said Yes

*Copied and updated from a previous post*

5 years ago today, Nathan proposed marriage to me. He took me to The Chart House in Malibu for dinner, and I had the most sumptuous shrimp dinner, he had Filet Mignon. From where we were sitting we had a commanding view of the ocean, and the waves came up right under us. The sun just started to set as we finished eating. Now, I was little suspicious of the whole evening. It was somewhat out of the ordinary, but he covered his bases to keep me in suspense. My ring was costumed designed, and Nathan had told me that the designer was out of town and, therefore, he could not pick up the ring for another two weeks. Nathan was also acting super suave, with no hint of nervousness. After dinner we drove down the coast a bit and decided to stop and watch the sunset. After a battle with the stubborn parking meter, we walked down to the shore and spread out a blanket, Nathan brought along a CD player as well from which he played a mix of love songs. We had the beach all to ourselves. After cuddling there for a little while listening to music and watching the sunset, Nathan told me he put our song on the CD, it is "Home" by Michael Bublé. He put it on and asked me to dance with him there in the sand. This moment was perfectly romantic. The sun was setting behind us, and our song penetrated the breeze and the resonating waves. Toward the end of the song Nathan dropped to one knee and uttered words of love, desire, destiny, hope, and eternity. His poised and collected confidence had passed, and in an emotionally touched voice he asked me to marry him, and pulled out the ring box from his pocket to reveal my dream ring. We know how the story ends, 9 months later we married. In these last 5 years, I have grown to love him so much more than I could have imagined possible. He is a wonderful husband who is always thinking of me and wanting to please me. I am glad I said yes.