I {Heart} Making Shirt Dresses

I thought I would share with you the new shirt-dress I made last night.

All you need is a 1 1/2 yards of knit fabric, an old shirt and a pattern for a dress that has a waistband and pockets. I used this dress pattern. I chose the coral because it is "so hot right now" and looks pretty against my turquoise necklace too.

The fabric only cost me $5.47 (I had a 50% off coupon) and I've had this Old Navy top for over 3 years. I have a few more shirts I want to make into dresses because these are so effortless for summer.

Share your thoughts :

  1. you are a great seamstress! and you look like jessica simpson, so pretty!


  2. Oh good call! That never occurred to me. So much easier, and way cooler, than dresses that all need a cardigan, sweater or jacket because they have no sleeves. Hmmmmm I may need to dust off the sewing machine.

  3. sooo cute! You are very talented my friend! Perfect for summer! :0)

  4. Can I pay you to make me a few dresses since the best I can so is sew a button on a shirt?
    Such a great dress!! Perfect for the summer!

  5. heeey, that's lovely dress
    great idea.

  6. Very pretty. And you joined the ranks of many blogger girls who make me wish I could sew :-D

    Relatable Style

  7. Love this! I hope I'm brave enough to try this one day. My sewing skills are only ok, but I love how these are so simple to throw on and go, and they cover all the right places.

  8. whatEVER! that's a fabulous idea, and yours is adorable. so super creative. i don't know whether to be jealous or to just jump on the wagon and get myself to the fabric store...
    yeah, fabric store wins. because that's just too cute.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like, although it's sorely lacking in creative ideas like this!)

  9. okay. i got a sewing machine for christmas and have been wondering what i can do with it...now i know!!! i love this!!! oh so cute!lets me friends! follow me and see what i wear every wardrobe wednesday! xoxo


  10. That came out os cute! What a fun idea:>

  11. You are very talented!
    Monique x


  12. Love yr dress :)

    such a brilliant idea how u make yr dull shirt into wowww dress...maybe u can create a tutorial how to make it.

    ain x


  13. Oh man. This is my dream dress. I absolutely love it!

    Ask the Duplex

    I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll follow back!

  14. i LIKE the Color combination. I tried making one but my tshirt was to baggy so the dress made me look fat.

  15. Melody, that is a really cute shirt-dress!!! I had never thought of combining like that, and now you've given me ideas!
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