I'm Moving Shoes #39

{Outfit: cropped jeans, F21 * blouse, Old Navy * shoes; Payless * belt, Target * necklace, LA Fashion District}

Sometimes I just need to wear a comfy pair of shoes. Especially since me feet are still recovering from walking around NYC all last week. These little tennies were just what I needed.

I am excited today because Nathan's softball tournament begins. He loves playing softball, but when he went back to school, and ever since he started his job, he hasn't had time to play. Watching him play is nostalgic for me because it brings we back to when we were dating. Back when life we simple. I miss those days sometimes. I LOVED dating Nathan. He showed me new and exciting things. I thought he was so cool and collected (he still is things of course). Everything was new to me. Then we got engaged. I LOVED being engaged to Nathan. I loved planning our wedding. I loved the excitement with which people greeted us once finding out we're engaged. It was a lovely time. Now we are married, and most of all I LOVE being married to Nathan. He takes good care of me. He always thinks of me. Brings me home chocolate because he knows I love it. Buys me my hairspray when it is on sale. Does yard work. He takes me to NYC. He comforts me when I am sad. He thinks I am beautiful when I feel ugly. He makes me laugh. He comes and lies with me in bed when he gets off work late at night so we can spend at least 15 minutes together before I need to go to sleep.

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  1. pretty spring outfit :)

  2. You forgot to mention that he does the grocery shopping WITH COUPONS. I think we need to give Nathan the BEST husband award.

  3. yes, sometimes you just need little tennies. cute.


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