I'm Moving Shoes #40

{Outfit: jeggings, F21 * boyfriend-t, Target * vest, F21 * shoes, Target * necklace, AE * watch, gifted}

In case you didn't notice, I am touching the tree all these picture. Ok, now that we have that out of the way I need to discuss my shoe situation. I started doing "I'm Moving Shoes" to prove to Nathan that I do wear all my shoes, but I need to concede. I have not worn all my shoes, nor will I--especially not when I keep buying new ones (like the ones seen here). The shoes I have not yet worn are old ones that really aren't that anything special and I haven't worn them in about 4 years. There are still a few pairs I will wear, but I have pretty much worn most my shoes aside from my Summer sandals and flip-flops. As I continue to buy shoes, or wear a pair of my current pairs, I will do a Moving Shoes post, but we are almost to an end. So I guess Nathan was right. I don't wear all my shoes, of course he will never know...shh

I bought these shoes on clearance at Target yesterday, well if you can call $20 "clearance." I really like the sand color and the wedge heel. Very versatile.