Hello Brown

I did it. I am brown. brown. brown. At first I wasn't sure about it because it is such a drastic change. I've been blonde for the last 5 years, so being this dark took some getting used to, but as the day went on it started to grow on me. I was concerned that Nathan wouldn't like it, so I called him at work and warned him. I told him I was basically his color. He was concerned too. When he got home he said, "It's dark. But not bad." We went to the backyard. He watered the lawn. I played with Sarah and Delilah. We talked a bit about our days. I brought my hair up again and told him it's growing on me. He sincerely said, "It looks good. It's growing on me too." But ultimately he wanted to make sure I am happy with and like it. And I think I am.

I will be fun to be this dark of a few months. I've never been this dark before. There is something mysterious about it.