5 Things I did Over the Weekend

1. I ate grapefruit for breakfast. This is my new thing. I peel it like an orange and sprinkle with Splenda. A yummy tart treat.

2. I laid-out. The warm weather allows me to start on my summer tan. Sarah kept me busy by playing catch.

3. I watched Nathan play 2 softball games. I love watching him play. He is so good. It's sexy. After his games we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Chi-Chi's. We ended the night watching a movie in bed.

4. For church, I wore the shirt-dress I made earlier this week. For this one I made it so it ties in the back. A cute little addition.

5. For dinner Sunday night, Nathan cooked up some hamburgers that we enjoyed in the 72% weather.

Life is good :)

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  1. love when you said he was sexy for how good he was at baseball. hehe.

  2. Fun! Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    Love the fress, super cute!! :0) I will have to come with you to see Nathan play!

  3. lovely weekend :)

  4. looks like you have a great weekend :D

    already follow your blog,wish you can follow mine..

    Thank You

  5. Cute dress. Sounds like a perfect weekend!


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