Simple Things

Sometimes the simplest things are the nicest. Tonight Nathan and I went grocery shopping together and then we came home and enjoyed a simple night together.

Before cooking dinner Nathan did a little yard work. He takes great pride in our yard and he is trying to nurse the lawn back to health. Sarah and I relaxed on the lawn chair and enjoyed the sun, and Delilah ran around sniffing the perimeter as she always does to make sure all is well.

Nathan then cooked mushroom-swiss burgers made with all natural, organic, grass-fed hamburger (my ultra healthy grandma would be so proud).

Ever since we've been married I've wanted to grill corn (who knows why?) and tonight was the night. Nathan did it even though he is not a fan of corn on the cob. The things he does for me ;)

It was all delicious and now we are relaxing letting it all digest while we watch last weeks episode of Vampire Diaries. I know Amber, I am way behind.

What simple things did you enjoy today?

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  1. love it, you guys are too cute! Nathan looks like he is a great cook! We should grill next sunday :0)
    I am with you on simple things... when Sean has a day off we also enjoy eating dinner together and watching TV.
    Today after work I enjoyed going to In n Out and getting a neopalitin shake for Sean and I before he went to work :0) I also enjoyed playing with Caitlyn as she likes to stand up on everything!

  2. ps. what is Nathan doing to the grass? Are nice green grass is getting burnt from the hot sun lately :(

  3. oh my, ... barbecue, sunshine??? AAAA ... I am going on a vacation next week and I'll be enjoying this way too :)

  4. Your dog's expression is priceless. Very cute :-)

    Relatable Style

  5. Love your new header. The food looks amazing, just like summer :)

  6. Love your new header. The food looks amazing, just like summer :)

  7. You laze around while he does yard work and cooks you dinner ...lucky girl.

  8. nice blog mrs pellegrin,
    brandon steinhauer

  9. I want your ottoman, and your legs, and some of Nathan's cookin'!


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