Greener Pastures

Nathan's project right now is the lawn in both the front and the back yard. So far he had seeded it, top soiled it, fertilized it, ammonium sulfate-ed it, and he has changed out and fixed all the sprinkler heads. He has successfully grown grass in places that where bare and dead, and the grass has turned into a ripe dark green. The little baby grass is so small and delicate. Right now he is battling the clovers that keep popping up. So everyday, when he gets home from work, he gets busy on the lawn. He says he enjoys it an takes pride in cutting and caring for it. There are still some major spots that need some TLC, but in a few months I predict it will look lushes.

Funny story: Sarah and Delilah LOVE the manure Nathan recently laid down. They like it so much they will eat it. Yuck! We have caught them bringing chunks into the house. One day, as I was doing the dished, and I looked over to their bed, and lo and behold a huge pile of manure was in it. They were stock piling it! Now we have to watch them when they go outside and check to make sure they don't smuggle and manure into the house.

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  1. That is so funny! I love it, must get those doggies groomed monthly, like Gracie as well, stinky! Nathan is defintely a keeper, lawn is looking good! :0) lol!

  2. That is a gorgeous green lawn. I like the stone work too!

  3. I like the stonework too. you need to take a frontal shot of your home. I loved that your doggies are stock-piling manure!


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