I'm Moving Shoes #42

{Outfit: skirt, I made it * coral tee, Charlotte Russe * shoes, Marshalls * scarf, SamMoon * earrings, SamMoon * watch, Fossil}

I know, it's been a while since I've moved shoes, but yes I still have some pairs I haven't worn yet like this strappy pair. These shoes always make me think of my sister Amber. She calls shoes like this "sexy strappy heels." The last time I wore these shoes was at my little sister Summer's wedding in 2009, which goes to show I need to get more usage out of many of my shoes! But I have been doing a lot better lately when it comes to shopping. I am not buying things on a whim anymore. For example, I've needed some black wedge sandals for a while now, and while I've come across some pairs I like, I still haven't found that perfect pair. In the past, I would have bought the first pair that maybe kinda sorta met my liking, and then maybe another pair a month later because I found some I like better leaving me with double the shoes. Well, I am not doing that this time. When I find the perfect pair I will know, and I will buy them and if it takes longer than I anticipated, so be it. After all, good things come to those who wait.

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  1. The colors of this post soothe me. So soft and pretty. I need black wedge sandals too but I haven't found any that are worth it...yet. Let me know when you find some :)

  2. Adorable!! You always know how to put colors together!!! See ya later and yes good things do come to those who wait :0) I have learnt that the hard way a time or two! lol

  3. that skirt is great

  4. cute. is that one of the scarves you got here?


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