I'm Moving Shoes #43

{Outfit: dress, I made it * shoes, Payless * necklace, Styles for Less}

Nathan and I go out to eat a lot. This is partly my fault because I do not enjoy cooking. Actually, that's not true, I don't mind cooking, I just don't like everything that leads up to it. Like planning and grocery shopping. So because of this we go out to dinner often, but we always (mostly) go to the same places--Chi Chis Pizza or Darios Mexican Grill. Last night it was Chi Chis. They have the best sourdough rolls and fresh spagetti. We alternate between getting the spaghetti and a pizza, or the spaghetti and an Italian sandwich. Oh, and we always share our meals. We split the sandwich in half and I take a third of the spaghetti. I order a soda, and Nathan asks for water, but we end up sharing our drinks anyway. Last night, while walking into Chi Chis, I began to wonder if anyone goes there as often as we do (at least once a week). What about you guys, are you regulars at any restaurants?

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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  1. I cannot believe you made that. SO cute. See I'm the opposite, I hate eating out. The food never tastes as good to me and its always more calories lol. However I do like the no clean up part of eating out!!

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell these!!! i would LOVE to buy one of your dresses or skirts!!

  3. Hubby and I love eating out! And we used to do so a lot more....but after we bought our home and then started paying for child care...well, that went out the window. We used to do it quite often too because I didn't like the work that came with cooking. But I have since forced myself to cook and I have actually started to enjoy it some! =)

  4. jeremy and i use to go to lacocina 1x a week that they knew us by name. haha. since laila we go out like 1x a month. boo!

  5. Since we're young and broke we try to eat in as much as possible, but we do cave at least once every two weeks.
    We like to think we're restuarant hunters though, and try to hit up a new place whenever possible.

  6. Melody! Cute cute blog! So glad you posted this...I love the dress! I'm with the post above...you should sell them ;) It would be great to get a modest dress custom made for me since my thighs never fit knee-length dresses these days ;)


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