My Chihuahua Makes Me {LOL}

I swear I have the funniest chihuahua to ever walk this earth. She is hilarious! For one thing, look how she is sitting. Never before have I seen a dog who sits like that, and this is how she sits all-the-time. It is just so dainty and lady-like. Too cute! And her facial expressions, OMG, too funny. She will sit and look at me with the sweetest most helpless look on her face and she manipulates me into picking her up and giving her love and attention. I just cannot resist her. She knows just how to melt my heart. Look at her in these pictures, she does this all the time. She falls asleep sitting up. She will fight, fight, fight her sleepiness until closes her eyes while sitting up. LOL. Another thing, she rarely barks, she more so softly "rooos." It is like she is conversing with us, and we totally act like she is because Nathan and I engage in full conversations with her and she "rooos" in reply. She is so funny and she has so much personality it's insane. I {heart} you Sarah!

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  1. How cute!! I love little doggies. Maybe one day we'll invest in a dog (when the kids are older).

  2. Your dogs are just too stinkin cute!


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