An Interesting Side Story

My friend Emily got pregnant about 3 months before I did. She is due to have her little girl in October, and I am so excited for her. When she announced her pregnancy on her blog, she wrote about visiting her grandparents in Arizona where her grandmother bought her a magnet with the Southwestern Native American god of fertility on it, Kokopelli. Kokopelli is hunchback and depicted playing a flute of feathers and is said to deliver babies on his back. They bought it semi-jokingly she said but claims she got pregnant once that magnet entered her home. I read this and jokingly told her to send the magnet my way in hopes that it would bring me some good luck. One day Emily and her husband showed up at our house with a gift for us. She had called her grandmother in AZ and asked her to buy us a Kokopelli magnet. She chose one that has a mirrored image of Kokopelli on it so we would have double the strength of Kokopelli with us. They gave us the magnet in April, and we were pregnant by May. So it appears Kokopelli is busy at work.

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  1. lol... thats great... so can I borrow it? lol j/k

  2. :) awesome story! And I'm happy to take a little credit for your baby ;) so happy for you!!!

  3. really?? wow ... well some things really are awesome :)


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