The Last Year of my Twenties

Today I turn 29! Wha-what? Crazy. I don't feel like it, but it's true. I worked all day and enjoyed my students sing happy birthday to me, and asking me how it feels to be 19 (lol).

Nathan worked tonight, so after work I met up with my mom and she took me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey. A favorite. My mom has been here for quite some time taking care of grandmother, so it was a nice treat to be able to spend my birthday with my mama.

The Marina del Rey Cheesecake Factory has such a nice ambiance as it is located on the harbor. My mom has been wanting to see the beach since she's been in California and was happy she could tonight. It was a beautiful night with a gorgeous sunset.

My mom got a gift just for me and then in the bag she had gifts for my baby boy. When I looked in the bag and saw the baby clothing I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears came to my eyes immediately. Seeing the clothes I suddenly saw a glimpse of the future and how one day my son's little chubby body will fill them. As I whipped tears from my cheeks, feeling completely foolish for crying I asked, "Is it normal to cry like this over clothes?" I guess those little items made it a little more real.

It was a beautiful night. Thank you mama for taking me out :)

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You look like you had an amazing time and your soon-to-be little boys clothes, so so cute.

  2. Very cute pictures. How exciting that your mom was in town to spend your day with you. Happy Birthday!!

  3. I really really enjoyed getting away and spending your birthday with you. You are precious to me and I am so glad you are happy!

  4. I just cried reading this!!!! So sweet of your Mommy to get you the first little clothes for your Baby Boy!!! :0)
    So special that you are entering your last year of the lovely twenties and you are starting your family as well!!! <3 Love ya Bestie! xoxo

  5. It is totally normal to cry like that. Happens even more as they get older:>

  6. ...the answer is YES!! Completely normal to cry over little tiny clothes, babies on tv, etc. LOL


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