Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks

Look at the cute little profile!

Face from straight on.

Can you guess what it is?

I am half way through my pregnancy, which is crazy! Here is an update:

-This week I found out that it's a BOY bump! He so obviously is. During the ultrasound the technician didn't even have to tell me. Once I saw the screen I said, "It's a boy isn't it?" I really am happy.
-Nathan confessed that he actually thought is was a girl, and that he kinda wanted it to be, but he is looking forward to having a boy too. A little baseball player.
-We have no idea what to name is kinda stressful actually!
-Baby boy likes to play around at night right before I go to bed. I can only feel him in the inside. No kicks can be felt on top of my stomach yet.
-Total weight gain: 7lbs. I gained 2 lbs. since my last appointment. I was actually really surprised that it was only 2 lbs because I feel like I've doubled in size.
-I still don't have a very big appetite. I eat when I should, but cannot eat too much in one sitting.
-I threw up for the first time about 2 weeks ago! I was in bed taking a picture of my dogs on my phone when all of a sudden I started to feel queezy. I new I was going to throw up. I went to the bathroom, put my hair up and BAM! I felt totally fine afterward.
-I get up to pee once on most nights.
-Cravings: none
-My skin seems to have nice healthy glow to it. It's like a natural little tan.
-For a while now, I've been putting lotion on my stomach to combat any stretch marks.
-My students are starting to ask more questions about the baby and pregnancy. I think it's because my stomach is becoming more noticeable.
-I can still fit in my clothes. The Bellaband has become my best friend and I have one in nude, white, and black. They keep my pre-pregnancy pants up. Very important!
-I've become very aware of my belly and I can't seem to take my hands off it.
-Nathan has started touching my belly more too, which I love.

Things are still going really smoothly. I love that he has more of an identity now and I look forward to planning color schemes and going shopping for him! I love my growing belly because what's inside is just too precious.

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  1. Looking good. I wish that I had documented my growing belly's during my pregnancies. It would of been fun to see it grow.

  2. I love your belly Mel! Brings me back to how mine looked not so long ago! It is so sweet that you rub it and Nathan is as well! That was my fav when Sean and I would do that, wait tell you can feel it on the outside, its an awesome feeling! What a precious baby boy you have in that adorable belly! Love his little profile too!

  3. Your whole story is so sweet! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Awwww, baby bump! Looking good mama! Happy pregnancy wishes to you:-) xoxo

  5. a boy! yay- we just had our first boy and i HIGHLY reccomend them! ;)

  6. He is just too precious! And you look beautiful :)

  7. Yay! I love that you are keeping such a good diary of your pregnancy. I wish I had done that with all of mine. I'm so happy for you and Nathan. Having your first child is an experience that cannot be matched!


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