{Pregnancy Diary: 23.5 Weeks}

-I feel baby boy move all the time and I was able to feel him on the outside about 3 weeks ago which was so special. I am home alone and I felt him squirming, so I put my hand on my lower abdomen, pushed a little and sure enough he pushed back.
-Baby boy used my bladder as a jumping beam all the time.
-Nathan was able to feel him a few days later, and has felt him a few times since.
-I have a name I like, but Nathan is still thinking about it.
-Total weight gain: 12 lbs. I gained 5 in the last month! Eeek! Doctor advises that I keep a close eye on the weight gain, because I am at the stage where women can pack on extra pounds if they aren't careful. Because of my PCOS, I need to extra conscious since I am at a higher risk for developing diabetes.
-I think 2 lbs of the weight is in my ta-tas alone. I would rather the extra weight went to my bootie instead.
-We've picked out paint and a color scheme for the baby room. We are doing gray and light blue with a NYC theme.
-Cravings: hamburgers. I probably have one once a week.
-It is said that sleeping on your back is not the best position while pregnant because it can limit blood flow to the uterus, and that sleeping on the left side is the best. So I will fall asleep on my left side, yet without fail I will wake up quite often on my back. I think this is putting pressure on my sciatic nerve.
-I'm trying to get better with working out especially now that the pound might start to add up quicker.
-Nathan makes me laugh, he will ask, "Is your belly-button lactating too?" because I always seem to have water spots on my belly. It seems to get into everything.
-Speaking of my belly-button, I feel like it might pop out really soon. The skin around it is getting tight.
- I recently bought a pair of maternity jeans and legging yet I still fit in many of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I just needed more comfort.
-My favorite thing to wear right now is dresses. I've made 3 really simple dresses that I could live in (see pic above)
-My sister-in-law recently did some maternity photos which I love (to be posted later). Funny story: I had to push my belly out a little to look more pregnant.
-I've started my gift registry. I'm registering at Wal Mart and Buy Buy Baby

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  1. Looking good! I loved Maternity clothes! They are comfy. Does anything that I gave you fitting?

  2. U look great! Can u make me cute dresses like that when I'm prego ? :)

  3. you are shinning dear :)

  4. Wow, it seems just like yesterday I stopped by your blog and saw the good news! Your coming along beautifully and again Congrats!!



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