{Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks}

-I am now in my 3rd trimester! 12 weeks to go!
-Total weight gain: 20 pounds! This is crazy to me. I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything, but I wonder where that 20 lbs has gone to. I thought maybe this pregnancy would bless me with gaining a little "junk in the trunk," but really, I haven't gained any weight there it seems. I've perhaps gained some around my hips and thighs a bit, but still there is not much of a difference there. But all in all, this is a blessing.
-I have been trying to get to the gym with my friend. I do some light weighs and walking. It feels good, but is tiring at the same time.
-I've been feeling braxton-hicks here and there pretty much since September.
-I keep waiting for my bellybutton to pop, but who knows if it will...right now it's just this enormous abyss.
-I wear maternity leggings all the time now. They are most comfortable. I still haven't bought many maternity clothes, but might need to buy some good jeans here pretty soon. Any suggestions?
-A few weeks ago my stomach was itching like crazy, but that has subsided since the dry weather has passed and there has been more moisture in the air lately, but I still moisturize to combat the irritation.
-He moves so much now and at night. While in bed, I can see parts of this body protrude, contorting my stomach into all weird shapes and angles. I love it though.
-I did the glucose test recently. Everyone complains about it, but I don't mind it. The sugary drink really doesn't bother me, but that's because I have a high tolerance for sugar. lol. The test was negative.
-There have been a few people who don't know me, but have been able to guess that I'm having a boy by looking at me. I guess how I am carrying him gives it away. He is low and jets straight out in front. I really haven't gotten much wider.
-Nathan painted the baby room last week. We went with a light gray contrasted with two darker gray accent walls, and this morning we ordered the crib, changing table and dresser for the bedroom. It's going to start coming together very soon!
-It is definitely getting harder to bend over to pick up dropped items and put on shoes.
-Except for maybe Sundays for church, long gone are the days of high heels. All my boots and flats are now my best friends.
-I get up at least once a night to pee, but there are some nights when, miraculously, I don't.
-Complaints: I still gag when brushing my teeth. Yuck! My sciatic nerve bothers me most of the day, especially since I stand up a lot at work. I've been trying to sit down more, but all I sit on is a hard, backless stool--not much help. The couch isn't all too comfortable either. I find the bed most comfortable now and, therefore, will grade and crochet and...blog while in bed.
-With the negatives come the positives of pregnancy. My hair is growing, my skin is clear and there have been some other personal positives that Nathan definitely benefits from too...wink, wink
-Cravings: nothing that really stands out. My hamburger craving is gone. All I crave right now is Thanksgiving food!
-Speaking of Thanksgiving, I don't think I have ever looked forward to Thanksgiving more than now. Being pregnant, I am super excited to pig out on all the yumminess of Thanksgiving!
-My doctor hasn't been doing ultrasounds lately :( I miss seeing him and I am curious what he looks like now. It's been 8 weeks since I've seen him.
-At my last appointment, while she was listening to his heartbeat, he kept punching/kicking right where the monitor was. We would hear: lub-dub-lub-dub-lub-dub...PUNCH! lub-dub-lub-dub-lub-dub...PUNCH! So funny.
-I love this little guy so much and think he is the cutest thing already. I am anxious to meet him, and so grateful to be blessed to carry his little soul.
-Lastly, we have decided on a name! He will be called: Hudson Jeter. We wanted a name reminiscent of NYC since we love that place so much, so I was looking at street names, boroughs and other names relevant to NY. I came across Hudson (river) and thought it sounded nice, put it on the list and over time it grew on me. I started calling him Hudson long before Nathan agreed on it. He finally did, and he chose the middle name Jeter after his favorite baseball player. I love it!

Here is a little collage of my ever growing belly.

Here is a humorous story about the second time I threw up this pregnancy if interested:

Yesterday I threw up for the second time during this pregnancy, but it's not my fault. Let me explain. My dog Sarah has an issue where she will poop on our floor sometimes. This time it smells awful! I mean bad, really bad. So as I'm bending over to pick it up when I get a big whiff of it and immediately stand up, cover my nose, and go in a second time. This time I am able to grab it with one hand while plugging my nose and covering my mouth with the other, yet I get another big whiff and immediately throw up into the hand that's plugging my nose. I run to the bathroom and dump all contents into the toilet, poop and throw up alike. But the smell still permeates the air so I gag a few more times and a little more throw up comes. I then go to wipe my forehead with my hand it a sort of "phew" motion, and I smear brown all across it and into my hair. I say out loud to my reflection, "Is that poop?!" and as I come to the realization that it is, more gagging follows. I quickly grab a towel, wet it and begin wiping frantically all whilst violently gagging and fighting the urge to throw up again. It really was a quite traumatic experience. Looking back now, if someone had been watching me they probably would be laughing their head off.

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  1. Haha... that poop story is hilarious! I could see myself doing something like that too! :) I'm glad you and baby are doing well.

  2. Cute pajamas! Every pregnancy of mine I would gag while brushing my teeth... and it took me a few weeks after the babies were born to get back to "normal" brushing.

    I like his name. I'm almost done with his quilt. Before I send it to you I'm going to take pictures of it to put on Etsy. It looks really cute! Joel even said "Mel is going to love that."

  3. I love the time line of pictures. Have you decided on colors for his room? I like his name.


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