Life According to my Phone

I am eligible to upgrade my phone January 12th, and I cannot wait. I am still using the ghetto iphone 3G, yeah...old! I've been busy lately from grading essays and doing finals at work to crocheting for Lap of Luxury. I shipped off my last Christmas order today. Yay! In between all that, Nathan and I have only been able to do a few of our holiday traditions. We were able to go to The Grove with my good friend Chloe and her husband. We got our Christmas tree, and I decorated it while drinking eggnog which is a little tradition I grew up doing. Nathan set up his Christmas village. I continue to grow bigger and bigger, and am loving being pregnant (except for the acid reflux and tired legs). One of the perks of pregnancy is feeling guilt free when eating fattening treats like the reece's pieces brownie Nathan brought home to me the other day. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday. Just a few more days of work and then vacation :)

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  1. All your pictures are so cute! Can't wait to see what this little guy looks like!


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