{Pregnancy Diary: 32 Weeks}

Well, I'm officially 32 weeks tomorrow.

-I had an ultrasound on Tuesday. I expected that I would still be able to see his whole body in one shot on the screen, but obviously couldn't because he has grown so much. I could only see a shot of a forearm here, top of the head there.
-I found out that he is head-down, and his little booty pushes against the right side of my belly button
-The belly button has not popped yet, which surprises me. It is getting stretched to it's limit.
-Cravings: hamburgers still and ice cold milk
-Total weight gain: 25 pounds
-He weighs approximately 4 pounds
-No swelling
-I am not fully aware of the size of my belly and I have bumped a few students with it accidentally, and both times it was a boy. I think it was more awkward for them than me.
-Sleep is becoming increasingly elusive. I had my worst night of sleep a few nights ago. My hip fell asleep long before the rest of my body, I had to go pee 4x (a record), I woke up with awful acid reflex and then later with some other strange pain in my chest.
-Due to the lack of sleep I am not thinking clearly and become more and more absent minded, and poor Nathan has to deal with the consequences.
-My sciatic nerve pain is my biggest complaint. My job requires me to be on my feet a lot and my sciatic nerve fights back.
-I actually googled, "Is is possible to squish my baby?" I've been so paranoid that I am squishing him sometimes, like when I bend over. Silly I know.
-I still gag while brushing my teeth and my stomach is so weak I gag in response to anything that disgusts me. But I've still only thrown up twice.
-Ponytails have become my thing. I have not desire to do my hair, so up it goes, and my make-up routine has been simplified.
-Nathan's set up the crib, changing table and dresser for the nursery and we are getting together photos for a collage. His nursery is going to have a NYC theme. I'm excited :)
-Hudson is very active and I love feeling him. I've loved being pregnant, but I am getting anxious to meet him and see his sweet face. A part of me hopes he comes a little early...is that bad?

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  1. Your belly is so cute! I remember thinking I was going to squish Caitlyn bending down a lot, it is do hard and it hurts! My belly button did the same, stretched soo much but never popped out! Curious to see if your does!

    I know you want to meet your little Hudson! But don't rush it, try and enjoy being pregnant! I know it's loads of fun, but once he is here and your feeding him at 2am and dog tired remember these times! You will think, why did I want to rush it! Lol

  2. Sorry I have some typos but you get it! ;-)

  3. wow wow .. :)
    you look cute


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