Phone Fashion

I haven't been much for taking fashion shots of myself lately being pregnant and all, but since I only have 2 weeks (or less) left of this pregnancy I decided to celebrate my belly and my fashion today, and taking photos on my phone is much easier--so this is what you get. BTW, this is not a maternity dress. It's a dress I bought at Express 5 years ago for our first Vegas trip after we got married, but it is so billowy that it still works! Well kind of, I heard the threads rip a little when I pulled it over my boobs, but I looked and I couldn't find a hole, so it's all good.

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  1. cutie :)

  2. So adorable! That dress is perfect and looks great on you. I have a few dresses I'm excited to wear when I'm bigger pregnant too. I can't believe you're due so soon! I remember when first posted you were pregnant last June! I know it's felt like forever for you, but it has gone by fast for the rest of us. So excited for you guys to welcome little Hudson into your lives. :)

  3. Little did you know you would be holding your. Baby 3 days later.


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