{Pregnancy Diary: 38 Weeks}

Here are the happenings with my pregnancy lately:

-I'm back at work. I have 1 week and 2 days left. I know I am crazy working so late into my pregnancy, but I needed to for insurance reasons and stuff. Believe me I wish I could just be relaxing right now, but I've also enjoyed keeping busy and staying active.
-There has been progress! At my 36 week check up I had her check my cervix because I was starting to feel pressure, but there was nothing--no dilation or effacing. But at my 38 week appointment yesterday, she checked me and I am 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. She seemed surprised. Now I know this doesn't guarantee anything, but I am just glad there is progress.
-She did say he is still pretty high.
-Total weight gain: 33 lbs
-Total throw ups: 3...I threw up randomly a few weeks ago :(
-The belly button had been stretch to it's limit and it had popped out.
-I am sad to say that I found some stretch marks. They are below my belly button. They aren't that bad. They are the same color as my skin and very short. They are actually quite unnoticeable.
-All I want to do these days is eat! Hudson's growing fast :)
-At my 37 week appointment he measured in at 5.5 lbs. I am sure he is at least 6 lbs by now. I'm just glad my doctor says he wont be a 10 lb-er like his daddy.
-My hips are sore and my sciatic nerve pain is unrelenting, and I feel weird pressures and sharp pains in the nether regions quite often.
-Nathan had a "Diaper Party." He had a bunch of his guy friends over to watch football, and they were to bring diapers and wipes. It was cute to see all these big guys walking in with boxes of diapers. It is awesome because we are pretty set with diapers for a little while.
-I had two more baby showers. The English department at work threw one for me, which was so nice, and then ladies from church threw me one too. I was lucky to have 3 showers because I am set with everything we need now. Thanks everyone :)
-So my body is ready, his room is ready, so whenever you're ready Hudson we're waiting :)

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  1. Oh goodness, that is a big belly! I didn't get any stretch marks with any of my pregnancies, but I got really bad varicose veins. Luckily stretch marks can be easily hidden.

  2. Those stabbing pains in the nether region is horrible! I had that a lot with my son. My husband's work threw us a diaper party and we still have some left after our second went through them! Diaper parties are great! You look awesome!


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