An Unintentional Maternity Outfit

I just thought I'd share a tidbit of information I have with all who are interested. Victoria's Secret sells these super cute tunics (as seen above). I had about 3 before I got pregnant (see me wearing them here and here). When I got pregnant I realized that these tops work great as maternity clothes as well. They have elastic ruching on the side which enables the top to stretch to fit the bump, plus they are long, and the sleeves are just long enough to cover my arms that are grown a little pudgier. I recently bought 3 more and will be wearing them often throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I usually wear them with maternity leggings, but I've worn them with a skirt too. They are really easy to accessorize and so super laid-back, but they don't make you look lazy--you are still fashionable. Here I am below in my leopard tunic and black leggings. I wouldn't dare do a side-by-side comparison of myself with Alessandra Ambrósio!

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  1. You must be pleased that your tushy is still about as tiny as hers!!


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