Dear Hudson: 2 Weeks

My little Hudson you are already over 2 weeks old. You are such a good little guy. Here are a few things that have been happening:

-You now weight 7 lbs. 4 oz and you are 20 inches long. The doctor is impressed that you've gained a whole pound since your birth, but I wasn't so surprised given how much you like to eat.
-When you were born, you were so little that mommy had to go out and buy some preemie clothes, you quickly grew out of them, but mommy would rather you fit your clothes than swim in them.
-When you were first born we were sure you were all daddy, but as you grow you actually look a lot like mommy. You have daddy's eyes and ears, but mommy's nose, lips, and head shape.
-You raise your one eyebrow like daddy.
-The first days of your life were a little traumatic as you had a battle with jaundice. For 5 days you had to go into the hospital to have your little heal pricked and blood drawn, but you were so brave. You cried while they drew the blood, but once they were finished you quieted down right away. The jaundice got up to a 16 and 20 is where you would have needed to go under the special lights. Luckily you got better before that.
-You like to be swaddled as long as your little hand stick out under your chin.
-You were able to spend the first 10 days of your life with your Grandma Blair. She came out from Texas to help take care of your mommy and you. She helped rock you to sleep, cook dinner for your mommy, and clean. She loves you very much.
-Now your Grandma Hanson is here helping take care of you. Your mommy is grateful for the extra help.
-You've peed multiple times while we are changing your diaper. Too funny.
-You didn't like your sponge baths, but your are learning to like your real baths. You are quite serene during bath time, and you are very patient as mommy learns to handle your tiny, delicate, slippery body.
-You take a bottle from daddy, but only from mommy sometimes. I think you know it's me giving it to you and you would rather have the real thing.
-Night time is a tough time for your mommy. Most nights you are up every hour to hour and a half to eat. By 7:00am mommy is pooped and this is when daddy takes over. He is so great to take you from your bassinet and take care of you from 7-10 or 11am so mommy can sleep some more.
-You smile, even if they are just gas smiles for now you smile and mommy loves it.
-You really are a good baby. You sleep through barking dogs, the vacuum, the blow dryer, etc. You only cry when you have something to cry over, but once you get what you want you are done crying. Mommy thanks you for that.

My whole life revolves around you right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you.

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  1. precious. sweet memoir. he does have your lips and chin i think. so so cute.

  2. Such a sweet post! I've been waiting to hear more about Hudson. Keep the pictures and updates coming! :)

  3. He has the biggest eyes ever! Lucky boy. He seems like a little sweet heart.

  4. He is photogetic (sp?) just like his mom!


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