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I've been a mommy for 3 weeks now. The lack of sleep, what feels like constant feedings, and lack of me time has been an adjustment--a welcome adjustment, but an adjustment nonetheless. These are a few things that have made breast feeding these last three weeks a little easier:

1) Milkies Milk Saver: I didn't have this until about a week ago. My friend bought it for me and it is a great little gadget. It collects milk from the unused breast while breast feeding. I've been able to collect up to an ounce at feedings. That can really add up over the course of a day, and any breast feeding mother would agree that every drop is precious. If and when you breast feed while lying down, something I've recently discovered (or mastered), it wont work the milk would leak out.

2) Medela Pump in Style Backpack: This one I am sure come as no surprise to breast feeding mothers out there, but the pump is such a necessity. I plan on returning to work in May, so I am going to need milk stocked up and the pump makes this possible. I already have 6 bags stored up. I also use the pump after Hudson is finished nursing to extract any leftover milk. This actually increases the amount of milk I produce. It's also nice to have milk ready for bottles so Nathan can feed him when I need a break.

3) Colic Calm: I've only needed to use this a few times, but it's great to have on hand when it's needed. It is a homeopathic solution that helps with gas, colic and acid reflux, and it tends to calm the baby quite quickly. Just be aware that the solution is black so you little one's poo will be a little black.

4) Boppy: This makes breast feeding so much easier. It allows me to have my hands free to use the remote or play on my phone (I'm actually blogging from my phone right now). Perhaps one day I'll master crocheting while breast feeding. The Boppy is great because Hudson sometimes sleeps in it too.

5) Breast Shields: For me these are more of a necessity, but if your nipples are dry, sore or cracked these are great. It just requires a little coordinating to pop it on while holding the baby.

6) Itzbeen: This was recommended to me by a friend and it's great. It tracks what how long it's been since you last changed the diaper, how long since the baby ate last, how long the baby's been sleeping, and then what ever else you want to track. It makes it so easy to track these things. It doesn't require any writing-- it takes no thought at all really. I know there are a lot of aps. on phones that do similar things, but if your husband is helping out too, it is nice to have once device that track this information.

7) iPhone 4GS: This is my salvation at night while nursing. It helps keep me awake, well at least a little bit. I play games, blog, and facebook.

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  1. Sounds like breast feeding is going good for you!!!

  2. the adjustment is soooo hard... but trust (as unlikely as it seems) that these days (and obviously nights) will one day be a blur!

  3. the iphone is such a lifesaver! those first few weeks of late night feedings...phew. I don't think I could've kept my eyes open without the bright glow of my phone:-) xoxo

  4. i agree with all of these products. never did the shield but I've heard they really help. i loved colic calm though!

  5. I am taking note of all of this for the future! I'll be in your place in 5 months. Thanks for the tips. :)

    P.S. You are so lucky to not have to work again until May! We only get six weeks off of school, unless we have a doctor's note. I'm having the baby in the summer, so I'm really hoping to have it a little early. That way I can get another week or so in with the baby before I have to go back to work!

  6. you forgot one other important thing that no clever device can replace: your mother (or mother in law)!

  7. O I'm do glad you like that milk saver! There's a way to can attach a storage bag to it so maybe you could still use it lying down?? Just a thought.


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