Old Wives Tales

Old Wives Tales

Despite me saying, "I hope Hudson comes early" a few times, I wasn't intentionally trying to send myself into labor early. People told me the longer he's in there the better which I now understand given Hudson's battle with jaundice in his first days of life. Funny enough, I was certain he wasn't coming early as just 3 days before I went into labor, yes I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced, but he was still still pretty high. Yet, he came early nevertheless. Now we've all heard those labor inducing old wives tales such as: walking, drinking certain teas, eating spicy food and/or pizza, and having sex and I can say these worked in my case (well not the latter one; this shop had been closed up for business for some time).

Whether or not these things sent me into labor, who really knows, but it's kinda fun to speculate. I am by no means saying a pregnant woman should force her baby to come early if it isn't ready, but if you are full term at 38 weeks, I'd say why not give a few old wives tales a try? So if you are pregnant and ready to be done, here is what worked for me:

Walking: Now I wasn't out there walking any marathons or anything, but I had gone back to work, and the nature of my job as a teacher pretty much requires me to be on my feet and walking around. I did my best to sit down as much as I could, but it was very hard for me to do this. I'm the kind of teacher who enjoys being up and walking around and engaging with my students. So perhaps this extra activity and active movement brought on labor.

Drinking certain teas: For a few weeks I had been drinking raspberry leaf tea. It is said to be healthy for a woman's reproductive system and to bring on labor. I wasn't drinking it religiously. I'd drink it iced, and I'd make myself about 4 cups and drink it over a two day period about every week for about 3 weeks before he came.

Eating spicy foods: The day before I went into labor I pretty much consumed a whole bag of Lays Kettle Cooked jalapeno flavored chips. It was a Sunday afternoon and those chips were so good. As I ate them I did have a little chuckled with myself over the thought of going into labor over the spice. Look who's laughing now...

Eating pizza: I don't know if this one counts because I guess I was technically already in labor, but the night before I had Hudson we went out to Chi Chis Pizza, and here is an interesting side note, Nathan and I both have friends who ate Chi Chis the day before going into labor.

So there you have it, a few things that perhaps brought on my labor. Having him early was a totally unplanned surprise, but he was healthy and ready. I guess he heard me say I wanted him to come early. What an obedient little boy already.

Did any old wives tales work for you?

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  1. I had both my kids early but not by going into labor. Never even crossed my mind to try old wise tales to induce labor. I guess I was just trying to make it till the end after everything I went through. Hudson is one handsome guy and just perfection!

  2. SO funny... my sisters and friends have tried all sorts of things when they were overdue or even BEFORE they were due. None of them ever seemed to work! I guess babies just come when they're going to come.

    However, that is crazy that you guys ate Chi Chis pizza the day before you went into labor and that that happened with your friends as well. If I go over with this baby, I'm definitely having you send me some Chi Chis pizza! :)

  3. He just wanted to spend the maxium time with you before you go back to work!


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