My Baby Essentials :: Miscellaneous

My Baby Essentials :: miscellaneous
I've been a mommy for almost 2 months now, and I've learned a lot in such a short time. There have been thousands of good times, and yes some bad times too, and as a first time mom, who has many friends who are first timers too, I wanted to share a few essential products that have made mommy-hood much easier for me. Who knows, maybe even you old-timers can learn something too:
  1. Aden + Anais Swaddles: My sister-in-law gave me a package of these at my baby shower and told me that they are "the best." She was absolutely correct. These are a "lightweight muslin which permits air to circulate around the baby's body, while still providing comfort and warmth without the worry that the baby may overheat in moderate weather." It is so easy to swaddle with these blankets, and since I got the hang of swaddling Hudson has slept much more soundly. I even bought myself another package. They also can be used as a breast-feeding cover, or a cover for your car seat. They are multi-functional.
  2. Baby K'tan: I love baby wearing and this wrap works great. I originally bought the Moby Wrap, but it was just so much wrapping and so much fabric. I found out about the K'tan and it is much better, as they say it's "a wrap without all the wrapping." It has more positions than the Moby, and I like that one of the positions allows the baby to look forward, which is great for Hudson because he loves to look forward and observe the world.
  3. Infantino Twist & Fold Gym: Now that Hudson is more aware of his surroundings he has had fun in his little gym. I will put him down in it after feeding and burping him and he will amuse himself for a little while looking at himself in the mirror and reaching out for the dangling toys, allowing me a chance to get a few things done before it's time to rock him to sleep. It's also a great place to have tummy-time. I know that as he gets bigger, he will grow to enjoy this even more.
  4. Fisher Price Bouncer: This has been a lifesaver since Hudson doesn't like sleeping flat on his back, in fact Hudson actually sleeps in this during the night right now (the bassinet was such a waste of money and I will be returning it soon). I have the bouncer right next to my bed and I can gently bounce him back to sleep if his sleep is interrupted. I recently ordered this rocker and sleeper which I think will be better for sleeping for longer periods of time, but right now this bouncer is great.
  5. Graco Giraffe Infant Soothing Swing: Having a swing is great, and what I like about this one is its side-to-side motion, as opposed to the back-to-front motion. I think it's more natural, like how a mother would naturally rock her baby. We put Hudson in this during the day and the rocking motion soothes him as he sleeps until his next feeding. It plays music and relaxing nature sounds. Hudson likes the river and birds sounds.
  6. Pampers Swaddlers: When Nathan had his diaper party, his friends brought different brand diapers, both Pampers and Huggies, so we've been able to try both. We've determined that Pampers is best. Hudson repeatedly leaked out of the Huggies. Another plus for pumpers is the color-changing wetness indicator that lets you know how wet the diaper is--no guessing which I love.
  7. Boudreaux's Butt Paste: This is my favorite diaper cream. It goes on and wipes off quickly and smoothly which is what I like best about it.
  8. Aveeno Soothing Relief Moisture Cream: When Hudson broke out with small case of baby acne, I put this on and it seemed to sooth the redness and almost clear it up, that's what I like best about this lotion.
  9. Lansinoh Nursing Pads: It's not worth it to try other bargain brands, these are the best. They hold a lot of milk, probably about 2oz, so you won't go through them as quickly as you will others. I've tried others, just a waste of money. Go with these!

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  1. Honestly, thank you SO MUCH for sharing! People keep asking me what I want/need for the baby and I have NO CLUE what I will want or will need. This list really helps (along with the other one you posted a few weeks back). I'm pinning it to pinterest to save this bookmark! :)


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