Dear Hudson :: 3 Months

You are three months old and when I look at you my heart melts. Everyday I ask myself how I got so lucky. You really are growing into such an adorable little guy. I am in love with your smiles and your eyes; you are so lucky that daddy gave them to you, and even though you can't say it yet, I know you love me because I can see love shining in your eyes every time you smile at me. Here are a few things we've experienced together lately:

-You have become so aware of this big world around you, and you love to tell me all about the things you are learning and doing. You have turned into quite the conversationalist. You are most talkative right after you've eaten.
-You get stronger every day. You push up to stand all the time, and you can hold your head up so well. You have a very strong straight back, and you started rolling over to one side just the other day.
-You've stopped sticking out your tongue as often, and instead you've discovered your hands and they have become your new favorite toy. You suck on them like crazy. I'm not sure if your are trying to sooth yourself or what purpose it serves right now. It's not hunger. Mommy's still figuring this one out.
-You've slept in your crib quite successfully during the day a few times, but you're still sleeping with mommy and daddy at night. Once mommy gets a video monitor that she likes we will make the big transition.
-You get hiccups everyday. Daddy says you get it from mommy.
-You do well while driving, and if we are going out as a family mommy continues to sit in the back seat with you to chit-chat and to make sure you have everything you need.
-You think it is hilarious when I clean your booty during bath time...boys will be boys.
-Your sleep cycles are still pretty irregular, some nights you sleep 6-7 hours, other nights you refuse to go to sleep. It's hard on mommy, but I know we will get there.
-Unfortunately, we are experiencing what I think started because of nipple confusion. For the last month you haven't breastfed very well. You will take one side pretty decently, but you absolutely refuse to take the second side. You will only if my flow is really fast, which is only in the mornings. Otherwise you grow impatient waiting for the milk. I started worrying if you were getting enough to eat, so I started pumping and bottle feeding you for most feedings. It's been hard for mommy to deal with. She misses those precious times with you, but at least we still spend our time together in the mornings.

Sadly, I go back to work next week. It makes me sad to think of all the smiles I'm going to miss, but I know daddy will be here taking good care of you and bonding with his little boy.

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  1. He's a doll. I must get my hands on a little bow tie for my little guy! Adorable!!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. You are a good momma. Love the bow tie!

  3. You are doing a good job. I had your same concerns with breast feeding with my first. I finally just gave in and just pumped full time. Your a great mom to Hudson!

  4. So awesome you got to spend his first 3 months with him! I'm so sorry that you had to go back to work this week. I can only imagine how hard that was. I'm glad he can be home with his dad, though! You're awesome for all you're doing to be a good mom, wife, and teacher. :) I know it's not easy.


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