Two Things

Just two things I've been thinking about... 

#1) My life, for obvious reasons, is very different from what it used to be. For the last three months my identity has been that of mommy, milk-machine, and wife, and last week I took on a new identify, working mother. It was, still is, emotional going back to work, as I knew it would be, but I am lucky I have a job I love. I cannot imagine going back to work if it was not something I truly enjoyed. 

#2) I remember, before we had Hudson, when talking to friends who have kids, they would say things like, "It's a lot of work, enjoy your time now. Travel as much you can just the two of you..." and quickly follow it up with an "...but it's great." I never understood these bipolar statements. It was like they were trying to convince themselves that it truly is great. But now I get it. That's what it is like having a baby. There are highs times and there are very low times. Raising a baby is one of the hardest things one will ever do in my opinion. It is mentally draining, physically draining, and these last three months I was home with Hudson were some of the hardest months of my life, but the most gratifying. Hudson brings me a happiness I could have never imagined, and despite the tears, frustrations, and sleepless nights I would go back and do it again, because that uninterrupted time with Hudson, where it was just the two of us truly were precious moments. The most precious of all.

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  1. Such a cute kid!!! It's a face like that, that we do what we do. Being a mom is such a blessing.

  2. Well said momma. you've got a cutie there!

  3. I love his perfectly round head and handsome eyes.
    Yes. Your words are too true. Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world.

  4. So grateful for these thoughts in preparation of what I'll be going through in the next few months! Thanks for being willing to share. :) Amazing how much lives change when you add a child to the mix!


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