Two Things

Just two things I've been thinking about... 

#1) My life, for obvious reasons, is very different from what it used to be. For the last three months my identity has been that of mommy, milk-machine, and wife, and last week I took on a new identify, working mother. It was, still is, emotional going back to work, as I knew it would be, but I am lucky I have a job I love. I cannot imagine going back to work if it was not something I truly enjoyed. 

#2) I remember, before we had Hudson, when talking to friends who have kids, they would say things like, "It's a lot of work, enjoy your time now. Travel as much you can just the two of you..." and quickly follow it up with an "...but it's great." I never understood these bipolar statements. It was like they were trying to convince themselves that it truly is great. But now I get it. That's what it is like having a baby. There are highs times and there are very low times. Raising a baby is one of the hardest things one will ever do in my opinion. It is mentally draining, physically draining, and these last three months I was home with Hudson were some of the hardest months of my life, but the most gratifying. Hudson brings me a happiness I could have never imagined, and despite the tears, frustrations, and sleepless nights I would go back and do it again, because that uninterrupted time with Hudson, where it was just the two of us truly were precious moments. The most precious of all.