Brandon and Jeanessa :: A Wedding Shower

My little brother Brandon is getting married next month to his adorable fiancée Jeanessa, and yesterday was their wedding shower. It was held at Jeanessa's brother and sister-in-law's cutest, quaintest little home in Torrance, California. I could have died over this home. It was so eclectic, multifarious and whimsical. Each little nook had a different theme and new discoveries. I mean who has a painting of Peter Pan in their living room? She does, but it worked. Anyways, enough about the home and on to the bride and groom. It is so fun to see my little brother in love and so happy. He and Jeanessa are a cute couple, and I'm so excited to welcome Jeanessa to the family in just a few short weeks. And if the wedding shower was any indication of what the wedding will be like, it will be so fun and pretty in it's vintage, shabby chic style.

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  1. What a cute shower for a super cute couple!!! The food looked like it was so yummy too! :)


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