Dear Hudson :: 4 Months

You are at such a cute stage. You are so aware of the world around you now, and it is so fun to watch you learn and grow every day. You recently had your 4 month appointments during which your doctor described you as "perfect." I have to say I agree. Here are a few things you've been up to:

-At your 4 months appointment you weighed in at 14 lbs 15oz. That puts you in the 50th percentile for your weight.
-You shot up in how tall you are. You measured in at 26 inches even putting you in the 83rd percentile. At 2 moths you were in the 50th percentile for your height, so it looks like your going to be long and lean.
-You smile all. the. time. Your smiles are the best thing in this world. When I'm at my whits end because you may not be sleeping or I'm feeling overwhelmed, you must sense that I need a smile, and once you do all the ill feelings I had are gone in an instant. You really are a happy boy. Your smiles melt me heart.
-I love doing Superman Baby with you because all the chubs in your cheeks fall forward and your lips pucker up. It looks adorable. I think you like seeing the world from that angle too.
-You cheeks and your thighs are the chubbiest and meatiest part of you. So irresistible.
-You have great hand and eye coordination and grab everything you can get your hands on.
-You are discovering your feet. You grab them and look at them. They haven't made their way into your mouth yet.
-You've noticed Sarah and Delilah (the dogs). You will watch them and smile at them and you've stared "petting" them.
-You are very vocal. You make this loud shouting/growling sound. It's super funny. You talk a lot in your adorable gibberish and you are laughing/giggling too.

-Your schedule, on a perfect day, seems to go something like this : you wake up around 6:00 in the morning to eat. So mommy pulls you into bed and feeds you (yes you are still sleeping in with mommy and daddy). We then fall asleep until 8:00/8:30ish. Mommy feeds you again. Most times you stay awake, and you get all chit-chatty at this time. So we have our morning conversation. You are ready for another nap around 10:00/10:30ish. You will sleep from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. When you wake, we eat, and play, and talk. Around 1:00 your are ready for your afternoon nap. This is usually your long nap. Sometimes you'll sleep up to 3 hours. Those are good days. The evenings are long. Some nights you'll take another catnap around 7 or 8, other nights you'll stay awake until you go down around 10. On a perfect night you have a bottle around 8:45, we do bath time around 9:15. After bath we relax in mommy and daddy's bed, look at books, some nights you'll nurse and then you fall asleep around 10:15. The last few weeks though you've been waking up around 3:00am to eat. No fun.
-I went back to work May 2nd. It was very hard for me the first few days, but it got easier as I got back in the routine. I cried in front of colleagues and students the first day back, but we made it through the month. You spent the month with daddy. He took care of you while I was working. It was hard for daddy at first, but once he learned you, your cries and your schedule, it got easier. I think it was good that he was able to bond with his little boy. I'm now back on summer vacation, so I get to spend all day with you again until next school year. Daddy still helps on his days off too.
-You have to be teething. You suck on your fist and fingers like crazy, and your chew toys have become your favorite. You better cut one soon.
-You love being naked. When ever I undress you for bath time we look in the mirror and you smile and giggle at your naked self.
-We are still swaddling you, otherwise you will not sleep well.
-We've started rice cereal. At first you hated it, but you are liking it now that I make it a little thicker. I'm excited to introduce you to vegetables and fruits soon.
-You roll over during tummy time now and you are starting to pull your knees up to your chest. I guess this is a step closer to crawling.

This summer both your Uncle Brandon and Aunt Serena are getting married, and I am excited for you to meet the rest of your cousins and aunts and uncles. I know they will be as obsessed with you as I am.

Here are a few videos taken over the last month:

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  1. So cute! I wuv his widdow cheeks and his widdow mouwf.

  2. SO adorable! He seriously just keeps getting cuter and cuter. The first picture in this post is my favorite pictures of all the Hudson pictures I've seen. LOVE IT and love that you get to spend the summer enjoying your baby with no work! :)


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