My Baby Essentials :: Months 3-5

Random Baby Essentials

Hudson is growing so quickly and his taste and interests are developing too. Each day there's a new discovery and he gets more fun everyday.  I put this together to share some of the things that have helped me be a mommy these last few months:

1: PRIMO EuroBath: I've been using this bath ever since Hudson could take real baths after his umbilical coed fell off. What I like about this bath is it's designed to support your baby's body in two different stages of their life. One side is designed to support the baby when he is too small to sit up, and the other side allows the baby to sit up when he can, but still provides support and prevents the baby from slipping under the water. I feel Hudson is very safe during bath time and Hudson has a blast splishing and slasing in this too.

2: Baby Einstein Exersaucer: Once Hudson's legs were long enough I put him in this and he has loved it every day since. It keeps him occupied while I clean, crochet, and cook (when I do). It's also been a lifesaver during shower time. I just drag it to the bathroom and Hudson plays away while I wash away. He loves rotating around playing with and talking to all its different toy features.

3. Britax Baby Carrier: When Hudson was smaller I used the Mody Wrap, but since he's gotten bigger he likes the Britax carrier much better. He loves facing forward in it. I use this when Hudson wants to he held, but I need to get things done. I'll clean the house with him strapped to me, and I've also gone on errand with it too. It was important for me to get a carrier that had a strap around the waist for extra support.

4. Bumbo with tray and Sassy suction toys: Now that Hudson can hold his head up like a champ and is on the verge of sitting up on his own, the Bumbo has been great. I'll sit him in it to feed him his rice cereal and most recently his veggies. Having the attachable tray is great too because you can attach different toys to it and let your baby play away. Hudson loves sitting up in it and looking at the world.

5. Vaseline: Hudson has never had diaper rash and I attribute it partly to Vaseline. I stopped using other diaper creams a few months ago. Not only does Vaseline go on super easily, it is super cheap. It's done the trick for us.

6. Swaddle Me adjustable wraps: By three months Hudson was so strong he could bust out of our swaddles no problem, and he only slept well if swaddled, so we invested in the Swaddle Me wraps. We can get a mean swaddle out of these, a swaddle from which Hudson could not escape. These provide the option to swaddle the legs only, or to leave the legs free and swaddle the arms.

7. Lots of fun, bright, noise-making toys!

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  1. If I could personally thank the creators of the baby exersaucer, I would! AND bake them a plate of cookies. that thing is.a.lifesaver! xoxo

  2. Love it all! So glad the exersaucer is a lifesaver!
    It was for me as well!!! :) I registered for the bath too,
    seems great! I love how great Vaseline is too!
    Andrea swore by it! Everyone gets you butt
    paste in the beginning, but I have to say that what works
    the best is good old Vaseline and powder!
    Your doing a great job Mommy!!!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I love how real your baby posts are... they are helping me to prepare (mentally and otherwise) for Baby Stout in the next few weeks! :)


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