Brandon's Wedding Week :: The Wedding Day

 Going out with a bang could describe this wedding. It was the last of my seven sibling's and the most grandiose. My little brother Brandon married his bride Jeanessa in the Los Angeles Temple on July 14th, 2012. She looked gorgeous in her antique inspired lace gown, and my brother look so handsome in his navy tux. Their wedding colors were navy, pink, and mustard yellow. The reception was decorated beautifully. The attention to detail was amazing. It was decorated in an antique elegance. The night began with cocktail hour, after which we entered the main dining area for the grand entrance and dinner. After all the usual festivities, we ended the night by dancing our socks off and watching Brandon and Jeanessa drive off to begin their life as husband and wife.

(As you can see from my pictures I had way too much fun with my BubbleFrame app on my phone today)

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding. Sawyer and Hudson were so cute! And it was great to see my old friends.

  2. Hello! Hey I came across your blog and was wondering how you got the text to work p. the bubble frame app? Love all your pics;) thanks!

  3. Great pictures Mel! You are so good at documenting your life on your blog! I love the pictures of Sawyer and Hudson.


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