July Day 2 :: Busy

When I reopened my shop after I had Hudson, I thought my work load would be slow seeing as it's the summer, but I was wrong. I am very grateful for the success I've found with this little business. The money I make through Lap of Luxury has been such a blessing. The money I made through my crocheting allowed me to extend my maternity leave, and in the past it has paid for vacations. It is a balancing act when I have to take care of my home, grade papers, crochet and take care of Hudson, but somehow everything gets done...eventually. My little, nimble fingers do get tired, but if I need to crochet in order to go to Hawaii, I'll do it.

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  1. I get compliments on the hat I won through a giveaway all the time. They are always like, "Where did you get that Utah State hat?!" I LOVE directing them to you :)


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